i didn’t have to work today so i slept in later than usual. i did have a doctor appointment in the afternoon. i kept waking up though…. to make sure i took my medication and that the boys were up in time for school, and james woke up sometime dark-early in the morning because he was sick and needed a bucket – which is unusual for james. when i finally really fell asleep (of course it was when i should have gotten up!) i had one of those long involved dreams. i dreamt we found a house. it was big and needed some work of course, but it was one of those houses that you would love to find, work needed or not. large and interesting. mysteries of the unknown. things to explore and discover. while i was trying to figure out how many bedrooms there were, mark and i went to look around. we found one bedroom, and it was large and dark. as i was looking for the light switch, we heard some loud noises and for a second, my brain thought- gunshot. and i started hearing frantic noises outside the door. i thought i heard james and the thing i can’t figure out is my first thought was afraid to open the door….afraid for marks safety, but then the nanosecond passed and we flew open the door. we didn’t see anyone so we headed to the back of the house. the back had a concrete/stone patio type backyard…it was huge. we went to the left and there was another building to the house and it was the kitchen. i thought, how unusual that the house is broke up with a large patio type area in between! in the kitchen the drawers were doing that thing where they fall inside because they are broken and we knew that had to be fixed. we still didn’t see anyone and we went back out to the patio area and i noticed another covered part and i looked in. there i saw the whole family seated at a very large dining room table and they were eating a feast. that was when i saw the olympic sized swimming pool! of course, it needed some cleaning but it still looked good enough to swim in. and then i saw the crowd of people. i heard travis say, of course i gave that up back when you asked me too baby. he was talking to jen. he came up to me and started talking like there had never been a whole universe between us. i didn’t talk to him but instead turned to walk away. i saw miriam from work and she had her two daughters with her. i wondered if she came with her husband. the girls were dressed to swim and were acting wild like young children do. i told her they were fine and they could go swim if they wanted. it became a rather large gathering of people but i wasn’t unhappy that they were there. i was in love with my house.

goddess, please unite me with the house that is meant to be mine.  with harm to none,
 so mote it be


About Countess Prax

In keeping with a promise to Bast, I take in, rescue and foster cats that come to me. To help care for them, I offer Tarot Readings in exchange for donations to help my Cat Colony and Rescue.
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