Woke up today feeling like I’m getting sick. Could be physical, could be mental…not sure how to divide the two anymore. Stopped up, feeling lethargic and have to go to work to deal with a lot of people that feel that way. Working the pharmacy is like working a long ass complaint line.

Feeling the weight of supporting the whole family on one income….mine! My husband went into some kind of mid-life crisis and decided to quit his job and become a truck driver. So now he goes to truck driving school on the weekends but isn’t really bringing any money in. I figure we have about another week before I start asking my sons for money and I haven’t even paid them back from before. I feel like I’ve spent my whole life apologizing to my kids. *sigh

Hi ho hi ho. Time to put on my bullet proof mask and do battle with the undead.


About Countess Prax

In keeping with a promise to Bast, I take in, rescue and foster cats that come to me. To help care for them, I offer Tarot Readings in exchange for donations to help my Cat Colony and Rescue.
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