between the worlds

I was dusting Otis Mann with the diatomaceous earth and I noticed he was getting skinny. I can feel his back bone and his hips. But he was loving the attention. Poor guy, he doesn’t have long for this earth and I want to show him all the love I can. On the other hand, we have that poor little kitten (?We’re not sure how old she is, but she seems really young) that found us at the Walmart parking lot and she is about to pop with kittens. I’m walking a balance beam waiting for one or the other to happen. I look at that little thing and she seems so young and tiny to be about to give birth. It almost seems like a rape. I hope she can survive giving birth. May she have the energy to do it, and may the kittens be healthy. May old man not suffer. With harm to none, so mote it be.


About Countess Prax

In keeping with a promise to Bast, I take in, rescue and foster cats that come to me. To help care for them, I offer Tarot Readings in exchange for donations to help my Cat Colony and Rescue.
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