Day One ~ DE

I finally got a day off after working six days in a row. So I used today to start trying the diatomaceous earth. I am starting with about 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon and I mixed it with lemonade. I was afraid of the taste so it was the only thing I had that I thought may mask a bad taste, if it had one. I mixed it with about half a cup of lemonade, it dissolved pretty quickly, leaving a slightly chalky mixture, so I kept stirring, (it started looking a little like dirty water) and then drank it down quickly. So I’m going to log each day to see if I can tell if it’s doing anything. I read it has taken away pain, gave more energy with less sleep needed, removed toxins, etc. So right now, I’m pretty tired and draggy after working a full 6 busy days at the pharmacy. Plus my back usually hurts most of the time, so we’ll see if it does anything. I am going to work my way up to one teaspoonful after a couple of days.
I talked to Gabrielle today, she’s excited about the cat (which she named Tiger Paw) being pregnant. I’m sure it’s going to be any day now, she’s so huge and you can see the kittens kicking in there. Damn, don’t know what we’re going to do with kittens! Gabrielle says she thinks TP will have 5, I guessed 3. I’m hoping.
Yesterday was Cali’s birthday. She turned 6. I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since Baby got out that night and got pregnant. She’s the only one left of the whole family. (Baby and the other 4 kittens/cats- Peaches, Mango, Creamy and Nookie) She’s such a Diva and loud mouth. We love her.
My son in law already left for Boston, and just got there. I don’t know what to think about that whole situation. Jennifer and Charlotte are staying at his mother’s house in the meantime. Not sure how long it will take their house to sell. Problem is, it could take years. They only just moved in that house in May 2013.
Want to perform some magick today on my house. I need to do some major decluttering and try to do some major cleaning in the process. It is so neglected, and being so small, it feels like it is closing in on me. I can’t sit here and be depressed about being stuck in a crappy little house when I could use the time I have now to make it a little better. We obviously aren’t going to be moving in the next few months. Besides, it will be a bitch to move from here right now! We have been here about 5 years or so and it has not ever been deep cleaned, and there are still boxes in that back room that Danny was going to turn into my bedroom when we first moved here. It still has no wall and I sleep in the living room. But I’m going to work on changing my attitude, then working on cleaning my surroundings so I can get back in touch with my magickal side. I want to make an altar and I need my sacred space. So starting with the front porch, I’m going to work on this place, little by little. I am grateful I have a roof over my head. There was a time I was homeless, living in a homeless shelter, then graduating to a hotel room for months. Back then, I would have been overjoyed to have this place, so I better make the best of it! Actually, the first thing I am going to do is clear my spot on the corner of the kitchen counter so I can reclaim a little sacred space there for my candles. Have a great Sun Day and Blessed be.


About Countess Prax

In keeping with a promise to Bast, I take in, rescue and foster cats that come to me. To help care for them, I offer Tarot Readings in exchange for donations to help my Cat Colony and Rescue.
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