I was wrong when I thought The Tower card meant something to do with my work. It’s been a slow crumbling as The Tower falls. First, the washer broke. Then the refrigerator, and several smaller things in between. Last night, the car started making a loud noise when I turned, so I figured the power steering needed fluid. But of course, it couldn’t be that simple. I was smug as the auto parts guy poured the fluid in. This morning, the power steering wasn’t working at all. I keep trying to deal with each thing as it comes up, but I AM human and I DO have a breaking point. I feel it is near. And yet through all this, plus the holiday madness, I think I am maintaining, but I can’t help but feel the “poor me” coming on. I sit down to check some email and I see one there from a dear friend. She writes that today is the 13th anniversary of her daughter’s death. That one sentence put everything in perspective.


About Countess Prax

In keeping with a promise to Bast, I take in, rescue and foster cats that come to me. To help care for them, I offer Tarot Readings in exchange for donations to help my Cat Colony and Rescue.
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